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Name:Mr. Daniel Heraeus [Marketing]
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WhatsApp: +6281584064727 +6281584064727
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Mobile Number:081298210951 - 081584104727
Phone Number:+6281298210951- 081584104727
Address:Menara Top Food Lt 6, Ruang 2 Alam Sutera
Tangerang 15325, Banten
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Registration Date:Aug. 11, 2006
Last Updated:Mar. 07, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

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Our company established in late 1996 and began its operation in April 1997. Today PT. Heraeus Materials Indonesia ( PT. HMI) is a one hundred subsidiry of the German based precious metal specialist Heraeus GmbH ( www.heraeus.com) .
As our company name suggest our core business in the Precious Metal Products. In Indonesia and abroad.
Our decorative products, like Platinum Crucible, Tong, Electrodes as well as all kinds precious metal containing goods are well known for its high quality and reliability. PT HMI is operating with 15 peoples located in Tangerang. Additionally to that we provides sales and services for infrared heater for industrial use like paint drying, plastic forming, food drying, etc. Fluxes for XRF sample preparation, chemical containing precious metal for precious metal plating for the electronic and jewellery industry

Our mission is to enable our customer to produce profitable by supplying technologically leading and reliable products and services as well. We wan to be the first address for our customers. Our basic values honesty, reliability and innovations will guide us by reaching our goals. More detail regarding our company in http: / / www.heraeus-materials-indonesia.com

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